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Weather conditions can have an extreme effect on your hair - especially in Canada! Air that’s too cold or too hot causes brittleness and breakage, humidity leads to frustrating frizz, and windy days make for seriously tangled tresses. No matter what season it is, there’s a chance your locks could use some extra love and attention. With our wide selection of Revlon Professional products, you can keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Try the innovative UniqOne all-in-one treatment series, designed by the hair experts at Revlon. This unique formula comes in a variety of styles so you can choose what’s best for your hair type and scalp. Shop products including the UniqOne leave-in serum, hair mask, foam treatment for fine hair, shampoo, dry shampoo, and conditioner. Enjoy the original scent or opt for fresh fragrances like coconut and green tea.


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