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About Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil is the first hair care brand to use argan oil rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to give you shinier and healthier hair. Moroccanoil products are known for their repairing properties on damaged hair and are sure to restore your hair's shine and lustre. In addition to argan oil, Moroccanoil hair care products also contain plant proteins and vitamin E, which help strengthen individual hair strands.

And if you're looking for a professional-quality treatment that will leave your hair softer than ever, try Moroccanoil's Color Depositing mask. This mask is specially designed to nourish and strengthen colored hair with essential nutrients. The result? Vibrant, long-lasting color that leaves your hair feeling like silk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moroccanoil hair treatments are oil-based products that can be applied to wet or dry hair to refresh and condition hair after washing.