The subtle art of the perfect hairstyle: Discover brushes at Industria Coiffure Boutique

The hairbrush isn't just a tool, it's an extension of the artist's hand for creating hairstyles that are each more exceptional than the last. At Industria, we understand the importance of having the perfect tool for every style, which is why we offer a wide selection of hairbrushes. ...

Our brushes: An unmatched variety for every styling need

At Industria Coiffure Boutique, you'll find a wide collection of brushes, specially designed to meet every need and every hair type. Our most popular brushes include :

  • Boar bristle brushes: For gentle detangling and natural shine.
  • Ceramic thermal brushes: Ideal for fast drying and professional styling.
  • Soft-tipped detangling brushes: A perfect choice for sensitive, fragile hair.

And many more... Each brush has been precision-engineered, combining the highest quality with durable, ergonomic materials to ensure exceptional performance.

Benefits from brushes that provide a salon experience at home

The range of brushes at Industria Coiffure Boutique transforms your daily styling routine into a professional salon experience, all from the comfort of your own home. Each brush is a testament to our passion for styling perfection.

FAQS: Our brushes - The professional choice at your fingertips

What's the difference between a boar bristle and a synthetic hairbrush?

The first obvious difference is that a boar bristle brush will have natural bristles, which help distribute scalp oils along the strands for a smooth, shiny look. On the other hand, synthetic brushes can sometimes be more abrasive to the hair but are perfectly suited for quick detangling.

Why use a ceramic thermal brush for blow-drying?

The ceramic body of this type of brush retains and evenly distributes heat. This enables faster drying while minimizing heat damage. It's also ideal for creating volume and curls during blow-drying.

How do I clean and maintain my brush to extend its life?

We recommend that you regularly remove tangled hair from your brush. For thorough cleaning, use a mixture of warm water and shampoo, then rinse and leave to air dry. Avoid soaking wooden brushes or those with natural bristles for long periods.

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