Discover our selection of Luc Vincent shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and other haircare products.

Luc Vincent: A hair revolution to discover

Welcome to the world of Luc Vincent at Coiffure Boutique Industria Coiffure, your one-stop shop for all Luc Vincent products in Quebec. Combining unique expertise with a passion for hairstyling, internationally renowned hairstylist Luc Vincent offers a range of top-of-the-line hair care products to transform your hair care routine into a true moment of luxury....

Innovative products for magnified hair

Luc Vincent has created a range of unique hair care products designed to meet the specific needs of all hair types. Among them, discover :

  • LUC VINCENT UP! Spray It Up Vapo Coiffant Volume Racine : A boost of volume at the roots for sublime hair.
  • LUC VINCENT Up! Shampooing Volume 300ml : Deep cleaning with volume.
  • LUC VINCENT Up! Revitalisant Hydratation & Volume 300ml : Intense hydration and volume meet in this must-have conditioner.

Advanced formulas for a salon experience at home

By experiencing Luc Vincent products, you will discover advanced formulas that make your daily hair routine a salon experience at home.

FAQ: Luc Vincent, hair expertise at your service

What are the advantages of Luc Vincent products?

Luc Vincent products are designed by an internationally renowned hairdresser and offer salon quality at home. They help improve hair texture, moisture and volume.

Where can you buy Luc Vincent products?

Coiffure Boutique Industria Coiffure is a preferred point of sale for all Luc Vincent lines in Quebec.

Which Luc Vincent product is the most popular?

It depends on the specific needs of each individual, but LUC VINCENT UP! Spray It Up Vapo Coiffant Volume Racine and LUC VINCENT Up! Volume Shampoo are among the most popular.

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