Deodorant Spray GROOM

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Performant, easy to wear, goes on clean… and natural! Our innovative formula packs a triple action on sweat thanks to powerful natural extracts :

  • horsetail plant and sage - acting on sweat glands to reduce perspiration at the very source;
  • probiotics - fighting bacteria on your skin that cause odours;
  • castor beans - to mask eventual odours.

Ditch aggressively-scented deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminum salts. Our spray deodorant combines state-of-the-art active ingredients issues from green chemistry.

In an effort to reduce waste, our 60-ml spray bottle is refillable (120-ml refills available shortly).

Elegantly scented with tea tree, cedar wood and eucalyptus.

Free of aluminum salts, baking soda, petroleum-derivatives and parabens.

Spray 1 to 3 pomps on clean, dry skin. Spend the rest of the day not-thinking of your BO.

Volume : choice of refillable 60 ml (2 fl. oz.) with spray pump, or 120 ml (4 fl. oz.) refill bottle


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