Styling Clay 60ml (2 oz) GROOM

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A modern styling product, that leaves a matte finish and washes away easy. Oh, and clean ingredients only please. A splendid product from GROOM.
This product is a huge step for us: it performs impeccably, while being made entirely of ethical, clean ingredients. Quite a hard find in the world of styling products. Give it a try!

Our Styling Clay is hugely polyvalent. It instantly provides volume and hold to hair, with a naturally dry finish. It works on all hair types and does wonders on fine hair.

Our Clay is a blend of natural oils and waxes, fine clays and a ground-breaking fixative of vegetable origin. It is therefore one of the very rare styling products without any trace of petrolatum or synthetic polymers.

To get it out of the hair, simply wash with a gentle shampoo.

As with all our products, a small quantity will go a long way.

Light fragrance of citrus and sage.

Warm up a small quantity between your palms and apply directly to hair, dry or damp. Distribute evenly on hair, and style using fingers, comb or brush. Keep our classic comb at hand for casual touch-ups.

Volume: 60 ml / 2 fl. oz.


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