COLOR INTENSITY Semi-Permanent Color 118ml Pearl Pastel SILVER ICE JOICO

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JOICOCOLOR INTENSITY Semi-Permanent Color 118ml
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Intensely concentrated pigments designed to help you create unbeatable vitality that lasts 20+ shampoos*

Intermixable Color Intensity formulas can be applied straight from the tube or combined, providing limitless creative possibilities.

Pigmented shade designed with ingredients that nourish hair and leave it glowing with shine! The pigments are deposited directly on the hair fiber of the hair, WITHOUT OXIDIZING!

  • Do not mix with Vero K-PAK Color, Chrome or LumiShine shades
  • Wear gloves to avoid staining the skin
  • After lightening, shade hair with Vero K-PAK Color, Vero K-PAK Chrome, or LumiShine demi-permanent liquid dye to create the perfect base for radiant color.


  • Rebuilt with Quadramine Complex® for healthier hair after every color service.
  • Ultra Conditioning Kukui Nut Oil leaves hair beautifully revitalized and amplifies shine
  • Intermixable shades = limitless creative possibilities


Step 1: Apply to clean, dry hair, 1/4 inch
of the scalp.

Step 2: Leave on for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly for several minutes, taking care
to rinse the different colors separately.

Step 4: Wash hair with Color Endurance® or K-PAK Color Shampoo

Apply K-PAK Cuticle Sealer, then rinse. Finish with
K-PAK Intensive Moisturizer.


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