DUALSENSES | COLOR REVIVE Color Giving Conditioner 200ml (6.7 oz) GOLDWELL

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GOLDWELL Dualsenses Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner refreshes or intensifies your beautiful salon color at the same time as conditioning the hair.
For all hair types with mircoPROtec complex and Luminescine.
– Work through wet hair, leave in for 2-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Effect varies by leave-in time.
– Use every 2-3 hair washes alternating with your regular conditioner.
– 8-20 Applications per product depending on hair length & structure

– The dyestuffs used in our Color Conditioners are direct dyes (such as the ones used in Soft Color). These direct dyes adhere to the surface of the hair and can be removed with a few hair washes.


– ICY BLONDE revives your clear, bright blonde for a striking statement.
– LIGHT COOL BLONDE revives your pure, iridescent blonde, preventing unwanted brassiness.
– LIGHT WARM BLONDE revives your soft beige tones for a beautiful, natural blonde.
– DARK WARM BLONDE revives your elegant caramel blonde with a warm, reflective shine.
– WARM BROWN revives the radiance of your stunning brunette with rich, soft tones.
– COOL BROWN revives cool, sensual brunettes and counteracts undesirable warm tones.
– WARM RED revives lush copper-reds keeping beautiful brilliance and vibrancy.
– COOL RED revives sultry red-violet tones keeping it vivid and glossy.

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