Discover our selection of Matrix Biolage shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and other haircare products.

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to shine with our collection of Matrix Biolage products. The Matrix Biolage ScalpSync shampoo and conditioner system delivers next-level hair care with two exclusive formulas that cleanse and protect for stronger hair with a smooth, radiant look. This system gently cleanses and fortifies hair against damage and protects your scalp with the soothing, anti-bacterial properties of mint leaf. Try the ScalpSync anti-dandruff shampoo for reduced irritation and flaking.

For luscious locks and ultimate hydration, try the Matrix Biolage HydraSource series. Begin with HydraSource shampoo, inspired by the moisture-retaining ability of the aloe plant. Follow with the Deep Treatment HydraSource hair mask - a vegan formula containing aloe and spirulina for immediate silkiness and sheen.


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