Industria salons are proud to work with Kerastase products with sensual textures, distinctive fragrances and the most exceptional formulas, Kérastase offers in-salon and home-care programs to meet the needs of every hair type. The nourishing active ingredients immediately deliver visible results that leave the hair in immaculate condition, with exceptional texture and shine.


Age Premium offers you the first supplemental care dedicated to mature hair by Kérastase. Full of volume, the hair is regenerated and its vitality is restored. Vulnerable and thinner, the substance of mature hair needs supplements to preserve its beauty potential. The ideal combination is a treatment that compensates hair ageing by treating the scalp and the hair fibre.


Our finest haircare treatment for timeless splendour. Chronologist acts as a miraculous elixir. It’s rare elements, an essential cream and mimetic caviar pearls, fuse into an exceptional treatment. The youthful beauty of hair is restored.


Our 1st hair care range enriched with Liquid Light Complex. Capable of gently untangle hair and make them shine, Lumière Liquide complex transforms the hair into real matter of light. Roots are cleansed, the lengths are glittering like crystal an light as the light.


The scalp can be prone to temporary or longer-lasting imbalances. The products in the Kérastase Spécifique Collection reply to scalp concerns, leaving you with a well-balanced scalp and conditioned hair.


The science behind this new routine’s formula are three key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, gluco-peptide, and ceramides. Hyaluronic acid, an ingredient naturally present in the skin which can retain up to a thousand times its weight in moisture, serves to address the concern of thinning hair fibers. Simultaneously, the gluco-peptide molecules serve to enhance the present quality of the fiber. Finally, the ceramides offer each hair strand a shot of strength to reduce breakage.


Exceptional oils with a maximum concentration of precious oils for richly treated hair with a golden splendor. For women that are looking for an exceptional care, Kérastase elevates the magic of oils to a new dimension.Elixir Ultime beautifying oil ritual unveils high concentration of the most precious oils.


Restores the look and feel of vitality to men’s hair and scalp. With the Capital Force range, they learn new techniques to protect their hair and stimulate its growth. Shampoos act as root activators for hair that grows stronger and more vigorous. The « Ultra Fixing Densifying Gel » and « Amplifying Sculpting Gum » prolong this range with styling techniques.


Our first Gluco-Active enriched haircare programme to boost conditioning nourishment to tip. Hair feels replenished with softness and left light and supple with an incredible shine. To restore the softness and shine of sensitised hair, it is necessary to restore the cuticle’s barrier function. To do so, you must compensate the loss of the elements composing the cuticle.


Kérastase has created Reflection, our first light-reflecting haircare regime which transforms each hair fibre, revealing a mirror-like shine. Coloured hair deserves special attention. It is important to use hair care that reinforces the fibre in order to maintain the cohesion of the cuticle. Moreover, coloured hair must be protected from oxidative stress linked to UV rays.


Kérastase Résistance rebuilds the internal substance of hair that has been weakened by exterior aggressors to restore its strength and solidity. It restores inner strength that can be seen from the outside: the regenerated hair is left beautifully healthy-looking. Without exterior help, the hair cannot regain its initial properties. It is necessary to help it reinforce its intercellular cement with molecules that have a similar structure, while creating an anti-aggression shield on the surface to stop the vicious cycle of weakening.


25 years of expertise in hair protection and beauty under the sun. The winning trio of a shampoo, a mask, and a micro-mist to protect, reinforce, nourish, style and illuminate the hair.


Mass, shine and movement all start with high-performance products followed by personalized hairstyling.To advance even further, the brand was able to transcend the very notion of hairstyling and to create a new manifeste that is emotional, sensual and experience-based. “Couture Styling” by Kérastase is the alliance of fusional long-lasting hold and hair that moves freely and feels irrestistible.For the first time, women are going to have styling that doesn’t stiffen their hair but shapes it so it stays free and moves when they move, with no limitations.


Enter the era of tailor-made…
The boosters, five concentrated care formulas, are mixed with the concentrates, four
powerfull active ingredients, offering multiple combinations for custom-designed
treatment to instently and lastingly transform your hair.


Comprised of 5 products, the Discipline at-home care routine features the revolutionary
Morpho-Keratine™ molecule to deliver unprecedented daily smoothing that is lightweight and
enables hair to move with unparalleled fluidity.